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Deep Into Sleep with Dr. Yishan Xu 10/19/2023 "From Chaos to Clarity: Using Concentration and Meditation to Find Solutions in Life with Kim Tang"

 Live Your Yoga with Joanna Griffin 9/15/2023 "The Chakra System with Kim Tang"

The Matter Over Mind Experience with Narado Zeco Powell 9/11/2023 "Unlock Your Breath: Transform Your Life with Kim Tang"

Transform Your Mind Podcast with Myrna Young 8/27/2023 "Exploring Consciousness: How Yoga Transforms Life with Kim Tang"

Direction, Not Perfection Podcast with Lindsey House 8/25/2023 "Never Too Old, Never Too Sick, Never Too Late to Start - with Master Yoga Teacher, Kim Tang"

Yucca Valley Center for Spiritual Living Guest Speaker 8/06/2023 "Uniquely Human with Kim Tang"

Chemaine's Model Health with Chemaine Linnie 7/10/2023 "Spirituality, Facing Fear, and Being Present with Kim Tang"

The Face Yoga Expert with Danielle Collins 7/9/2023 "A Holistic Spiritual Guide to the Face and Skin with Kim Tang"

Redefining Yoga Podcast with Lara Heimann 5/1/2023 "Unlocking the Path to Authenticity with Kim Tang"

Women's Health, Wisdom, and...Wine! Podcast with Dr. Laurena White 5/1/2023 "Learn on the Mat, Apply It In Life with Kim Tang"

APX Physiology Podcast with Chris Knotts 5/4/2023 "Spinal Mechanics in Yoga with Kim Tang"

Sound Balming with Dr. LaMarr D. Shields 4/24/2023 "Living in the Present with Kim Tang"

APX Physiology Podcast with Chris Knotts 04/20/2023 "How Restrictions in the Body are Related to our Emotional State with Kim Tang"

NewRealities with Alan Steinfeld 09/02/2021 "The Feminine Perspective on Spirituality and UFO with Kim Tang and Desiree Hurtak"

NewRealities with Alan Steinfeld 10/19/2020 "Chakra Diagnostics with Kim Tang"

NewRealities with Alan Steinfeld 9/10/2020 "How We Serve with Kim Tang"

NewRealities with Alan Steinfeld 8/3/2020 "Yoga and Consciousness with Kim Tang"

NewRealities with Alan Steinfeld 7/1/2020 "Consciousness and the Body with Kim Tang"

Dharma Talk with Henry Winslow 8/23/18 "Depth and Intensity with Kim Tang"