Keri Ann

International Yoga Sports Federation Women's 50+ Division World Champion, 2021 and 2022

USA Yoga Women's Division 50+ Champion 2021

Kim Tang is more than a yoga coach to me; she is a guiding light, a mentor, and a source of profound inspiration. Through Kim’s teachings, I've learned more than the intricate postures and asanas of yoga. Kim has helped me balance strength and focus with a deep sense of grace and gratitude to transform my life in ways I never imagined possible.

When I first stepped onto the mat under Kim’s guidance, I had no idea the incredible journey that lay ahead. Kim’s wisdom and knowledge come from having mastered every posture that she teaches. Kim has a deep physical, mental, and spiritual knowledge of what it takes to execute a posture that is strong, deep, and therapeutically correct … and to do so while standing on a stage.

Kim’s unwavering belief in my potential has propelled me to heights I never dreamed I could reach. Each time we meet, Kim helps me refine my physical practice, and she also nurtures my spirit, teaching me to cultivate gratitude for every moment, every breath, every movement. Winning not one, but TWO World Champion titles, I am a testament to Kim’s unparalleled skill as a coach and mentor. Kim has instilled in me the discipline, the focus, and the resilience needed to push past my limits and achieve greatness with grace and gratitude.

As I reflect on my journey, I am filled with profound gratitude for Kim’s presence in my life. Kim has helped me become a better yogi, but more importantly, she has helped me become a better human being. Kim’s passion, dedication, and unwavering belief in her students is truly awe-inspiring, and I feel blessed to have the opportunity to learn from her.

Thank you, Kim, from the bottom of my heart, for everything you've done for me. You've not only helped me soar to new heights in my yoga practice but have also helped me discover the true essence of life: to live with grace, gratitude, and an open heart.

"If I have seen further than others, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." ~ Isaac Newton. Thank you Kim Tang for helping me see the potential within myself and for inspiring me to reach for the stars. You are a gift to this planet.

With deepest appreciation and love.

Namaste, Keri Palasz 




International Yoga Sports Federation Adult Women's Division Top 5, 2021

USA Yoga Adult Women's Division Silver Medalist, 2022

I find Kim to be one of the Truest Forms of Yoga Creation, Willpower, Persistence, Determination, and Grit! Yoga is Kim’s very Existence! Kim is a Master in the Truest Sense of the word and has devoted Countless Hours to Fine Tuning Details, Exploring Technique, and mining True Yoga Gems!

From the moment I met Kim, she was Sharing her Knowledge and Love of Yoga with others. Kim recognizes Potential in others and genuinely Avails herSelf to Help others Realize their Fullest Potential!
I have attended Workshops with Kim Tang and also had Private Sessions with her. Anyone desiring to take their practice to the next level, albeit, Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally, or Physically - should seek out Kim! In a couple of Private Sessions she was able to unlock and Convey the Mystery of Technique for postures I had been working on for years (Dancer, Tiger Scorpion, Full Wheel, etc.). I can not recommend her enough!

The Private Sessions were so Informative and Helpful! I am Greatly Appreciative of the fact that Private Sessions can be conducted remotely - as I work a structured job and live in a different state! Her instructions are so Precise and I felt she was there in the room With Me! I found body parts I hadn’t discovered before! The fact is that Kim can provide you with Everything you Need to harness your Fullest Potential!





International Yoga Sports Federation Men's 50+ Division World Champion, 2020, IYSF Bronze Medalist 2018 and 2021

USA Yoga Men's 50+ Division National Champion 2017, 2019, 2020;            Silver Medalist 2021, 2022; Bronze Medalist 2018

Last summer after I won the 2017 USA National Yoga Championship (Men’s 50+ Division) I knew that there was still a lot of work to be done and that I wanted to reach higher and farther. I was ready to go to the next level. I realized that I needed a Yoga Coach with some major Upswing, High Standards, Kick Butt Drills, Exercises, and Philosophy. I had never met Kim Tang, had never taken a class or workshop from her. But I had heard her name mentioned several times in the Yoga community. I decided to reach out to Kim last December 2017 for Coaching. And just like, that we started working together. During my first Coaching session with Kim, I knew she was the coach that I was supposed to work with.
She asked me very specific questions. She listened to every word I spoke, she wanted to know what I really wanted to accomplish and what was important to me. I Felt Heard and Understood by her.
Kim’s Drills, Exercises, and Philosophy have made me Stronger, more Knowledgeable, and now I Know what I need to do to reach the next level. The rest is up to me...
Kim’s insisting that I can reach much Higher than what my Mind is telling me is greatly appreciated and has helped me become unstuck.
I remember back in December I had mentioned that I was supposed to be Coached by you. You pass on to your Athletes Your Standard for Yourself. The Drills and Exercises and Philosophy are Top Notch, the Best, and also push us toward our Full Potential. This is really what we want. But when we reach our edge, the mind starts to talk loud. And then you Re-direct us. Thank you.






First of all, if you've never taken a workshop with her you don't know what you are missing! She is truly talented at helping all levels of practitioners and is an amazing person!!! She has also helped me with competing in the USA Yoga Championships. She really helped me improve my Dancer Pose after my first seminar with her and provided extremely useful last minute routine coaching that significantly helped me. I went from a 5th place finish in the semi finals to finishing 2nd in the finals overnight. And her insights go well beyond asana!!! I look forward to working with her in the near future️! Love you Kim!





Kim Tang is an Exceptionally Amazing Teacher, and Very Inspiring! It's hard to put it into words... She has spent thousands of hours perfecting techniques in Yoga and it is our Pure Good Fortune to be able to get those golden nuggets to improve our practice. Every time I take a Workshop with Kim, I come away with something More to put into practice and see improvements in my postures. She's also such a Genuinely Compassionate person, and I Love her Talks beyond Asana. I Highly recommend Kim Tang!





I cannot express in words the amount of Gratitude I have in my Heart for Kim Tang. She is my Mentor, Coach, Close Personal Friend, Inspiration, Motivation, example of Love and Light to the World!! She has helped me to grow in Mind, Body, and Spirit at levels Far Deeper than Postures. She is Brilliant, Beautiful, Creative Kind, Compassionate, Loving... I admire her in So Many Ways...
Kim has helped me to overcome Mental Blocks and Fears, helping me to develop the strength, balance, and flexibility to perform postures on stage that I had never dreamed I could, with precision, grace, and ease...
In my time being Coached Privately, attending her Seminars and Classes, I always come away with a sense of being Loved, Valued, Cherished, Appreciated, and Supported to take my Practice to the next level. Kim is the Yoga Queen, Goddess, and Fairy that sprinkles the Magic Fairy Dust of Love and Light to all around her. The Light Within her Illuminates the World around her!






I’m really grateful to have crossed paths with Kim Tang online... I went on a hunt probably a year or two ago to find out how I could have more accessibility to the 84.... It feels like almost a myth in my area, Tacoma WA. I ended up following her as a person to watch and be able to take a private with one day... Someone who was training people for stage, which for me, I’ve never seen and is an unknown world to me. I have never demonstrated, just a lover of the 26 and really always desiring to learn more as a teacher/student. Kim’s Spine all Spine became available to me via zoom and I was super stoked to learn from her but was a bit apprehensive.... My spine can feel pretty stiff, I meet fear face on when I backbend, hyperventilate, get tense, along with feeling quite a bit of pain and discomfort in my low back due to having a big baby, standing slouched, habitual patterns, yada yada.
I felt so well taken care of, or maybe I ought to say, Kim held space with me so well, with so much love and patience, gave me the exact commands and technique to practice to overcome fear, insecurity, and a heavy spirit.... To be able to backbend and connect to calm deep breathing while starting to contract what I need and relax what I don’t need (Kim’s words) is growing me on numerous levels. I may not be on stage backbending but I feel set up for not only a solid foundation in backbending but a much more therapeutic approach to spinal health, a lighter spirit, and the ability to face fear and shake it off when it arises.
Kim has gone above and beyond to answer my questions, watch my little home videos, engage with me, set aside time to check in with me, and show me techniques and exercises to get outta pain. She didn’t have to go that far and share that time with me but I’m so grateful she did. She showed me love and care and I haven’t even meet her In person yet! I am planning a road trip with a private lesson detour this Summer to hopefully meet Kim in the flesh! I believe if I decided I wanted to go on stage I could with Kim’s technique and attention to individual needs and detail and if I didn’t ever want to it wouldn’t matter a bit. I believe I’m better equipped to practice and teach. Honestly, her help has affected me on a spirit level where the technique that she's sharing goes far beyond the mat into personal relationships, interaction with other humans, along with the belief that I can be who I am without fear; which feels limitless and damn that provides me with so much hope! I’m stoked to be learning from her source of love. I’m Inspired by how much she has to give.