Collection: KTDrills Videos

KT DRILLS are an all-level Comprehensive Roadmap to Attainment and Mastery of Select Postures. I use Big Picture Concepts of Bio-Mechanics in Asana to help you understand correlations between body parts, bone joints, and ranges of motion.  And more importantly, I’ll help you find a feeling… because if you can find a feeling, you can reproduce it, and THAT is when I know that I have taught you. I’ll  put each posture under the microscope and “break the postures in pieces” to help you understand EXACTLY what position to be in, what to contract, (more importantly) what to relax, where the leverages are, how to breathe, what typically goes wrong, and how to prevent it or fix it. Everyone will benefit from my Drills, whether you are beginner or advanced. Let me help you to become stronger, deeper, and more correct, and let me show you how accessible these postures can be! Each KT DRILLS Session has its own corresponding homework video included as well!


KT Drills 1, The Standing Leg