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Kim Tang Yoga

KT Drills 12: Therapeutic Lotus + Homework Video

KT Drills 12: Therapeutic Lotus + Homework Video

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More often than not, the inability to execute lotus, or the experience of painful knees in lotus,  is due to the practitioner unknowingly or unintentionally addressing this "hip posture" from the perspective of the knees. In this recorded master class, I will Teach you how to create space in the hip joints, and how to move from the hips in order to "treat your hip posture like a hip posture, rather than a knee posture". This is a GAME CHANGER for your lotus! *(Please note that there is also a video addressing Therapeutic Lotus in the Aftermath of Issues in the Tissues, with special emphasis on students who are trying to execute lotus after any myriad of historical issues in the hips, knees, ankles, and feet.)  After viewing this content in its entirety, Be Sure to Check Out the Corresponding Homework Video included As Well! Enjoy!

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