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Kim Tang Yoga

Spine All Spine II: Video 5: Camel Taps

Spine All Spine II: Video 5: Camel Taps

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In this Session, I'll be connecting the dots from Session 2 "An Expanded look at Half Wall Walks" in a Progression that will lead to Kneeling Wall Walks.  Using my Exact Technique of understanding how to Use your Strength to Create Space, and then express Range of Motion into the Space you've Created as well as understanding Leverages,  I'll show you how you can 'Start Where You're At', and progressively Deepen the Spine until Voila! Low and behold, you've already done the work that is required in the Spine and Shoulders for your Full Camel! In fact, from this point on, you'll be able to "train past it". 

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